Craft your way to victory in this unique adventurer's backpack simulation!

We're going dungeon crawling, but all the hard work is done for you by the valiant Sir Hoardalot, and you, as his resourcesful Loot Goblin are going to keep his backpack in order! Craft potions and weapons to strengthen the hero, and help kill the evil Ogre Necromancer.

The game is a submission for Bevy Jam #2, working with the theme "Combine".

All used assets are original work.

Repo (Apache 2/MIT) :

Game Controls

  • `Escape` will back out of the game to the main menu. If you're already on the main menu, it will instantly close the game.
  • `F11` will toggle between `BorderlessFullscreen` and `Windowed` mode.
  • `Shift-left-click` will consume items
  • `Ctrl+Alt-left-click` will destroy item
  • `Drag` items to move them to the combining area
  • `Left-click` the combine button to combine items
  • `Space` when prompted will cause the hero to advance deeper into the dungeon

All Music by

Twitchywhalez  (YouTube)

All Art by

DarkDax (YouTube/ and InkeFaux

Game Programming by

VanGeck (GitHub)

Jazzaro (GitHub)

frederickjjoubert (GitHub/

parK-dev (GitHub)


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Shift-clicking potions isn't working for me. It worked once, then stopped, even after re-load. Also, one cannot shift-click or ctrl-alt click on a tablet. This game needs a "player" box to use/drink/equip items and a "trash" box for dragging items into the trash.


Fun ride and great music! Loved the cheekiness of the Sir Hoardalot's adventures in the left panel. There was some confusion with new weapon combos compared to what is currently equipped. Thanks for the fun!

Thank you for your feedback! What confusion did you have with the weapon combos?

After combo'ing 2 rusty swords, it was challenging for me to understand if this new weapon was better or worse than what was equipped. The stats pop-up, but there's still some dissonance between how the weapon stats effected my combat/defense stat panel on the right.

You're entirely correct about this. A way to view equipped weapons and active potion effects is one of those features that we failed to include because of time constraints.

Very good game. Intuitive, and feels good to play. Congrats.

Thank you for playing and taking the time to leave a comment, much appreciated :)

Thank you for your kind words!


Really nice concept! It fits the theme well. Congratulations on finishing the jam with a nice product.

Thank you!


Enjoyed the themeing of the game!

(Did you mean to include all the extra browser info in the screenshot at the top? it includes your email in a tab ...)

Thanks for catching that, that was a mistake :x


This is a really great game, and I hope to see more of it :)

Thank you! Feel free to checkout the project on GitHub Loot Goblin Game